Rene Korda (rene_korda) wrote in ukraine_russia,
Rene Korda

S&P порезало суверенный рейтинг РФ

Russia’s Debt Rating Cut by S&P on Outflows, Reserves

Russia’s long-term debt rating was lowered for the first time in nine years by Standard & Poor’s, which cited capital outflows and the “rapid depletion” of the foreign currency reserves.

The rating was cut one level to BBB, the second-lowest investment grade, from BBB+, Standard & Poor’s said in an e-mailed statement today. The last time S&P downgraded Russia was in January 1999, when the country had a rating of SD, or ‘selective default,’ after the government reneged on $40 billion of debt. Russia’s outlook remains “negative.”

Имхо, будут катать и дальше и Россию, и Украину. Вполне обоснованно.


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